Sample BizTalk Orchestration using Commerce Server Adapters on GotDotNet

I have uploaded a sample BizTalk Orchestration on GotDotNet.  You can download it here, under the Release section. 

Here are the instructions for using the orchestration (these instructions are also contained in the sample project):

1.  You will need to compile the Commerce Server Adapters located in the SDK: %ProgramFiles%\Commerce Server 2007\SDK\Adapters\MessageSchemas.
2.  You will need to add a reference to the compiled schema's dll to this sample orchestration
3.  You will need to modify the Biztalk Server name in the deployment settings of the project.
4.  Once you deploy the orchestration - You will need to bind the ports.  You can do this through BizTalk 2006 Administration Console.

Hope this helps.