Sitecore Commerce at Symposium Europe Barcelona 2014

Greetings from Barcelona! We wanted to provide an overview of the Sitecore Commerce coverage at Symposium Europe 2014:

PROT1D – Content + Digital Marketing + Commerce = The Total brand buying experience

  • When: Tuesday, September 16th at 17:30-18:30 in Forum Room H2
  • What: Customers expect more from online shopping than just transactional shopping-cart capabilities. To drive customer experience as a differentiator and break through the noise, brands must seamlessly connect the entire experience—from marketing, to sale, to customer retention—across the lifecycle. Learn how a powerful end-to-end solution that blends content with real-time digital marketing and powerful enterprise commerce drives conversions and revenue.
  • Who’s It For: Anyone seeking to understand Sitecore’s vision for commerce.

DEVT1B Compelling, personalized Sitecore storefronts with any commerce platform

  • When: Tuesday, September 14th at 14:30-15:30 in Room F
  • What: Sitecore Commerce Connect adds intrinsic commerce capabilities in Sitecore® Experience Platform™. In this session, get an in-depth look at how to architect and build compelling B2x storefronts and 1:1 personalized commerce experiences using Commerce Connect, irrespective of the underlying commerce platform.
  • Who’s It For: Any Sitecore developer looking to build a commerce site on the Experience Platform as well as those looking for insight on integrating with other commerce platforms or ERP systems.

In addition, we will have a number of experts available for Q&A throughout the event. Hit us up on Twitter @CommerceServer or send e-mail to We hope to see you over the next several days at #SYMEU.