TechEd Australia - Interactive Session on Building a Multi-Channel E-Commerce Solution

Join Microsoft Commerce Server MPV, Lewis Benge at TechEd Australia 2010 August 24-27th for an interactive session on  'Building a multi-channel e-commerce solution with Microsoft Commerce Server (THR009)' .

Track: Developer Tools, Languages and Frameworks, Office and SharePoint, Web Platform

Speaker(s): Lewis Benge

Description: Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 R2 provides a rich development platform for the rapid development of multi-channel retail solutions. Being built on natively on the .NET 3.5 stack the solution will allow you to build solutions covering multiple retail environments such as web, mobile, and in-store point of sale opportunities. The rich framework also allows a unified profile to be exposed, connecting these experiences together to provide a unified view of your retail solutions to the consumer and end user, whilst providing rich business intelligence to the core business stakeholders. This session will cover an introduction to Microsoft Commerce Server, how it leverages other technologies such as SharePoint, Silverlight, and WCF and more importantly how you can get up and running quickly and easily.

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