Commerce Server 2009 Documentation in .Chm format.

As you know the Commerce Server 2007 and Commerce Server 2009 help use the new Visual Studio Document Explorer format which means that it’s not as portable as the HTML Help format.

I generally don’t have Commerce Server installed on my laptop (I know I should but I’ve got some VM’s I use instead!) , so if I need to check an API or deployment fact I generally go to MSDN or one of my virtual machines.

Max had previously talked about this in his post and I thought a CS2009 version would be good.

So someone asked for a HTML Help version on one of our internal discussion aliases.

To do this you can use the PackageThis tool from Codeplex 

It pulls down the documentation from MSDN and creates a HTML Help file for you.

I’ve created a CHM file with all of the CS2009 Docs and uploaded it to a SkyDrive site.

As the documentation can change I wanted to make sure everyone knows how to generate their own file if they need to.

I’ve placed my copy up on my SkyDrive site.