Configure IIS web logs for Data Warehouse Authentication Module

When you setup a new site in Commerce Server 2009 using the SharePoint Commerce Services Configuration Wizard (SCSCW), it can be used to create the new web applications in both SharePoint and IIS. When you do this there is one additional step that you may need to take if you plan to use the Commerce Server Data Warehouse Authentication Module <CommerceDataWarehouseAuthenticationModule>.

The IIS web applications that are created by the SCSCW may not have the necessary fields set to be logged in the IIS web log files. To correct this issue please verify that the following fields at a minimum are set to be recorded in the IIS web log files for both the NTLM and FBA sites.

Date (date) Time (time) Client IP Address (c-ip) User Name (cs-username)
Method (cs-method) URI Stem (cs-uri-stem) URI Query (cs-uri-query) Cookie (cs(Cookie))
Host (cs-host) Referer (cs(Referer)) User Agent (cs(User-Agent)) Win32 Status (sc-win32-status)