PDC 2008

Next week is PDC 2008. Presentations are done, demos are being rehearsed, and I'm excited to go to my first PDC in 15 years. Last time, I worked for a partner, not for Microsoft.

Anyway, my presentation "Deep Dive into the Concurrency Runtime' is Wednesday, and I'm talking about how to add functionality to our concurrency runtime. It's going to be a very technical talk, writing code rather than doing lots of fancy demos. It's all about what you can do with our runtime in native code, i.e. C++. Apart from the concurrency support, there are some really nice new features being added to C++ (all standards-based) that will make a ton of difference. Come to the native code sessions at PDC and see for yourself.

Oh, yes, if you come to the Thursday symposium on parallelism, I'm on the panel and will be talking a bit about agent-based programming. I'll expand on that later.