System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Toolkit & SDK Released

We’re pleased to announce the online release of the System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Toolkit & SDK!

Download the toolkit from:

Here is a summary of the changes and contents of the R2 Toolkit:


Server Based Tools 

  • * DP Job Manager - A tool that helps troubleshoot and manage ongoing content distribution jobs to Configuration Manager distribution points.
  • * Collection Evaluation Viewer - A tool that assists in troubleshooting collection evaluation related issues by viewing collection evaluation details.
  • * Content Library Explorer - A tool that assists in troubleshooting issues with and viewing the contents of the content library.
  • Security Configuration Wizard Template for Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager - The Security Configuration Wizard (SCW) is an attack-surface reduction tool for the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system. Security Configuration Wizard determines the minimum functionality required for a server's role or roles, and disables functionality that is not required.
  • Content Library Transfer – A tool that transfers content from one disk drive to another.
  • Content Ownership Tool – A tool that changes ownership of orphaned packages (packages without an owner site server).
  • Role-based Administration Modeling and Auditing Tool – This tool helps administrators to model and audit RBA configurations.
  • Run Metering Summarization Tool - The purpose of this tool is to run the metering summarization task to analyze raw metering data

Client Based Tools

  • Client Spy - A tool that helps you troubleshoot issues related to software distribution, inventory, and software metering on System Center 2012 Configuration Manager clients.
  • Configuration Manager Trace Log Viewer – A tool used to view log files created by Configuration Manager components and agents.
  • Deployment Monitoring Tool - The Deployment Monitoring Tool is a graphical user interface designed help troubleshoot Applications, Updates, and Baseline deployments on System Center 2012 Configuration Manager clients.
  • Policy Spy - A policy viewer that helps you review and troubleshoot the policy system on System Center 2012 Configuration Manager clients.
  • Power Viewer Tool – A tool to view the status of power management feature on System Center 2012 Configuration Manager clients.
  • Send Schedule Tool - A tool used to trigger a schedule on a client or trigger the evaluation of a specified DCM Baseline. You can trigger a schedule either locally or remotely.
  • Wakeup Spy – A tool that provides a view of the power state of Configuration Manager client computers and which operate as managers or manages.

You can view the MSDN online SDK content here:

Download the installable SDK from here:

Here is a summary of the changes and contents of the R2 SDK:


What's new in the System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager SDK

The following topics are new or updated in the System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager SDK:

  • New Solutions and Samples
    • Solution: Configuration Manager Application Approval Workflow
    • Sample: How to create Software Update groups (SUMCreateGroup)
    • Sample: How to assign Software Update groups (SUMAssignGroup)
  • New Classes and Methods
    • AddChangeNotification Method in Class SMS_VhdPackage
    • AddDistributionPoints Method in Class SMS_VhdPackage
    • CancelDistribution Method in Class SMS_DistributionPoint
    • ChangeOwnership Method in Class SMS_Collection
    • ClientEditions Method in Class SMS_Collection
    • GetChainedPullDPs Method in Class SMSDistributionPointInfo
    • GetImageProperties Method in Class SMS_VhdPackage
    • GetTSRelatedToDriverCategory Method in Class SMS_TaskSequencePackage
    • ReassignClientsToSite Method in Class SMS_Collection
    • RefreshPkgSource Method in Class SMS_VhdPackage
    • ReloadImageProperties Method in Class SMS_VhdPackage CCM_NetworkSettings Client WMI Class
    • RunOfflineServicingManager Method in Class SMS_VhdPackage
    • SetSourceSite Method in Class SMS_VhdPackage
    • SMS_ClientResourcesConfig Server WMI Class
    • SMS_DistributionJob Server WMI Class
    • SMS_G_SYSTEM_ResourceClientSettingsAssignment Server WMI Class
    • SMS_ObjectContentExtraInfo Server WMI Class
    • SMS_UserSettings Server WMI Class
    • SMS_UserVariable Server WMI Class
    • SMS_VhdPackage Server WMI Class
    • Unlock Method in Class SMS_VhdPackage
  • Updated Classes and Methods
    • CCM_SoftwareBase Client WMI Class
    • CheckReferencesShareType Method in Class SMS_TaskSequencePackage
    • CreateCCR Method in Class SMS_Collection
    • CreateCCRs Method in Class SMS_Collection
    • CreateCCRs Method in Class SMS_Query
    • SMS_AppDeploymentAssetDetails Server WMI Class
    • SMS_Application Server WMI Class
    • SMS_ApplicationLatest Server WMI Class
    • SMS_BaselineAssignment Server WMI Class
    • SMS_BootImagePackage Server WMI Class
    • SMS_CIAssignmentBaseClass Server WMI Class
    • SMS_ClientCommunicationConfig Server WMI Class
    • SMS_Collection Server WMI Class
    • SMS_CollectionMember_a Server WMI Class
    • SMS_CombinedDeviceResources Server WMI Class
    • SMS_ConfigurationPolicyAssignment Server WMI Class
    • SMS_ContentPackage Server WMI Class
    • SMS_DeviceSettingPackage Server WMI Class
    • SMS_DistributionPoint Server WMI Class
    • SMS_DistributionPointInfo Server WMI Class
    • SMS_DriverPackage Server WMI Class
    • SMS_EndpointProtectionAgentConfig Server WMI Class
    • SMS_FullCollectionMembership Server WMI Class
    • SMS_G_System_AppClientState Server WMI Class
    • SMS_ImageInformation Server WMI Class
    • SMS_OperatingSystemInstallPackage Server WMI Class
    • SMS_Package Server WMI Class
    • SMS_PackageBaseclass Server WMI Class
    • SMS_Query Server WMI Class
    • SMS_ServiceWindow Server WMI Class
    • SMS_Site Server WMI Class
    • SMS_SoftwareUpdate Server WMI Class
    • SMS_SoftwareUpdatesPackage Server WMI Class
    • SMS_TaskSequencePackage Server WMI Class
    • SMS_TaskSequencePackageReference_Flat Server WMI Class
    • SMS_UpdateGroupAssignment Server WMI Class
    • SMS_UpdatesAssignment Server WMI Class