Intune Mobile Application Management Compatible Apps

One challenge many Intune admins face is keeping on top of which apps do/don’t support Mobile Application Management (MAM) policies. With the general availability of MAM without enrollment, this gets even harder to manage.

The MAM team have recently released a new portal that will show you all of the MAM enabled apps, and what MAM features they support. 

On the page, you’ll find all of the Intune MAM partners – be they Adobe, Box, SAP or even the Office team.


Selecting each app will display the MAM scenarios they support (MDM with MAM or MAM without Enrollment), what platforms they support and whether or not they’re multi-identity capable.


You’ll also find some very handy links to the apps in the Apple or Google app stores!

So bookmark this page, and hit it up every few weeks as the list of MAM enable apps is expanding at a rapid rate!

Matt Shadbolt
Senior Program Manager
Enterprise Client and Mobility - Intune