TechEd Australia 2013 - PowerShell for ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 - Demo 6

 Demo 6: Five Demos in Five Minutes

List the drivers in a given Boot Image

$BootImage = $(Get-CMBootImage -Id "PRI00005").ReferencedDrivers
ForEach($Driver in $BootImage)
{Get-CMDriver | Where{$_.ContentSourcePath -eq $Driver.SourcePath} | Select LocalizedDisplayName

List all Collections with Incremental Collection Updates enabled

Get-CMDeviceCollection | Where{$_.RefreshType -eq 6} | Select Name

Clear Required PXE Deployments for a Collection

Clear-CMPxeDeployment -DeviceCollectionId "PRI0010E"

Export Boundaries to a CSV file

Get-CMBoundary | Select DisplayName,Value,SiteSystems | Export-Csv -LiteralPath C:TempBoundaries.csv

Lock an Application

Lock-CMObject -InputParameter $(Get-CMApplication -Name "Demo App 1")