The Ultimate Intune Setup Guide – Stage 5: Enrol Your Devices (Android)


Now that we’ve got our ConfigMgr and Intune environments speaking nicely to each other, we can start to enrol some devices.

We’ll enrol a Windows Phone 8.1, an iOS Device and an Android Device.

Android Enrollment

Android enrollment is almost as easy as enrolling your Windows Phone 8.1 device.

First, start by opening the Google Play Store


Search for Company Portal, like iOS it should be the first result. Select the Company Portal app from the search


Press the Install button and Accept the warning about what services the client can access

image Screenshot_2015-04-09-18-07-45

Once it’s downloaded and installed, press the Open button to launch and configure


Press the Next button to start enrolling your device


Enter your credentials and the logon process will redirect you to your ADFS logon

image image image

The Android device will begin to enrol. Select Activate when prompted to accept the Activate device administrator

Screenshot_2015-04-09-18-09-28 image Screenshot_2015-04-09-18-09-48

Accept the Privacy Policy for the Samsung Knox services


And your device should now be successfully enrolled!

 Screenshot_2015-04-09-18-11-32 Screenshot_2015-04-09-18-12-27

And to confirm, we should now have this device appearing in ConfigMgr