View Connected Configuration Manager Console Information

Beginning with Configuration Manager current branch, version 1602 it is now possible to see a list of active connected Configuration Manager consoles. At this stage there is no built in way of seeing historical information, but you could archive the information periodically using PowerShell if that is the sort of information you are looking for.

The active list of consoles connected can be viewed by querying the v_CMConsoleUsageData table in SQL.
Select * from v_CMConsoleUsageData

Here is an example of the information provided:

UserName BREENLAB\breens
ConnectedSiteCode B01
ConnectedSiteNumber 1
OSMajorVersion 6
OSMinorVersion 3
OSBuildNumber 9600
OSType 18
OSProductSuite 400
OperatingSystemSKU 8
OSArchitecture 64-bit
OSLanguage 1033
ConsoleVersion 5.0.8412.1307
TotalPhysicalMemory 4291858432
NumProcessors 1
NumLogicalProcessors 1
CMClientVersion 5.00.8412.1000
NetFx40InstallationStatus 1
NetFx45ReleaseVersion 378675
NetFx45Installed 0
NetFx451Installed 1
NetFx452Installed 0
NetFx46Installed 0
NetFx461Installed 0
IsColocatedWithSiteServer 1
IsColocatedWithProvider 1
ConsoleConnectTime 12/09/2016 00:34

There is a corresponding SMS Provider WMI class called SMS_ConsoleUsageData, but querying this object currently returns no results.

Given the data is available in the database via SQL, you have plenty of options for querying and displaying the information including SQL Management Studio, SQL Reporting Services, or PowerShell. I've done up a quick PowerShell script to query and display this information if you are interested. The ConsoleConnectTime attribute is stored in UTC format, so my script adds a new attribute called ConsoleConnectTimeLocal which is converted to the time zone of the computer the script is running from.

Download the script here: Get Configuration Manager Connected Consoles (Script)

Example command line: PowerShell GetCMConnectedConsoles
Example output: Screenshot of Get-ConnectedConsoles Output