Conor vs. His Printer

As many of you may know, I work from my house most of the time - I have a nice office that is quiet and I actually find it to be a great way to get stuff done - I have no commute, I don't get interrupted very much, and I have to attend fewer meetings :).

There are a few negatives to the arrangement, and one of them is that I am my own IT staff.  Actually, I am both the IT staff for me and for my wife's business (she is a photographer, and a darn good one IMO).

 So I have a printer that until recently sat in my closet and was quiet until someone printed something.   It would then wake up, warm up the drum, and print something.  So far, so good.  Unfortunately, it also causes my server computer to reboot.

Yes, coming out of power saving mode apparently causes it to reboot.  My server is on an APS UPS as well, but apparently the spike does funny things and I am unlucky.

So, I go program my server to auto-login so that my music server stuff will continue to work.

I also ordered a new wireless bridge so that I could move the printer out of my room (and onto a different circuit in the house).  That arrived over the holidays and I was able to get that all fixed up (without having to run another cable in the attic, and that made me happy).

 So, I go back and look at my logs for my server, and it's still rebooting - apparently my decision to buy one of these 80%+ efficient power-saving power supplies was.... premature..

 I should just become a part owner in Newegg - every problem seems to require sending them money :).

The printer now mostly works - I think :).  I am playing with free network monitoring software (currently I am trying "The Dude"), as my home network has become complex enough to require some help in keeping everything working.