Windows 10 Development Training Resources


With tons of new features coming to Windows 10 and 1000s of new API capabilities, I though it would be great to put all the training together in one blog that not only me, but anyone can refer to. The links inlucde basic enhancements like XAML bindings to light-up features like Cortana integration. Enjoy!


Microsoft Virtual Academy Course

A Developer's Guide to Windows 10


What's New in XAML for Universal Windows Apps

Developing Universal Windows Apps in Visual Studio 2015

Harnessing the Full Power of Input in Universal Windows Apps

Universal Commanding and Navigation in Your XAML

Data Binding: Boost Your Apps' Performance Through New Enhancements to XAML Data Binding

Deep Dive into XAML and .NET Universal Windows App Development

XAML Performance: Techniques for Maximizing Universal Windows App Experiences Built with XAML

Moving to the Universal Windows Platform: Porting an App from Windows 8.1 XAML or Windows Phone Silverlight to Windows 10

New XAML Tools in Visual Studio 2015

XAML Case Study: Putting it All Together, Office and XAML



JavaScript Frameworks in Your Apps and Sites from WinJS and Beyond


UX, Layout and Scaling

Designing and Developing the Ultimate Windows App Experience

Display Scaling: What It Is and What You Need to Know About it to Have Great Visuals

Windows Design for Developers: Getting the Balance Right

Design: UX Patterns and Responsive Techniques for Universal Windows Apps

Surface Hub: Building Windows Universal Apps for Surface Hub and the Large Screen

Bring Fluid, Responsive, and Highly Scalable UI Experiences to Your Universal Windows Apps with the New Visual Layer

From the Small Screen to the Big Screen: Building Universal Windows App Experiences with XAML

Optimizing Windows Apps for Continuum

Screen Casting: Develop Multi-Screen Universal Windows Apps Using Casting Technologies

Use New Motion and Effects Features to Captivate Users and Truly Bring Your App to Life


Tiles, Notifications, and Action Center


App Lifecycle

App Lifecycle: From Activation and Suspension to Background Execution and Multitasking in Universal Windows Apps

Introducing the Windows 10 App Model


App Analytics

Application Insights for Any App: A Must-Have Tool for Understanding Your Customers


Fast and Powerful Diagnostics, and Problem Solving with Application Insights


Cortana and Speech

Cortana Extensibility in Universal Windows Apps

Cortana and Speech Platform In Depth



Harness the Full Power of Digital Inking in Your Universal Windows App with Ink Recognition, Advanced Ink Processing, and More

Introducing DirectInk: Learn How to Unlock New Opportunities Using Ink in Your App


Face, Speech and Vision APIs (Project Oxford)

"Project Oxford": Adding Smart to Your Applications

Vision APIs: Understanding Images in Your App



Leveraging Maps and Location Across Phone, Tablet, and PC in Your Windows Apps

Build with Bing: Use Bing APIs and Tools to Enrich Your Apps and Make Them More Discoverable


Audio, Camera & Video

A Studio in the Palm of Your Hand: Developing Audio and Video Creation Apps for Windows 10

Camera: Developing Powerful Camera Apps

Developing Audio and Video Apps


User Data and Authentication

User Data: Working with Contacts, Appointments, Text Messages and More on Windows 10

Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello: Moving Beyond Passwords and Credential Theft


Windows Store

All That is New in the Windows Store

Store: Deep Dive on Publishing Universal Windows Apps

App Packaging and Deployment for Universal Windows Apps

Acquiring Users and Monetizing Your Apps

API Contracts (or How I Learned to Stop Checking OS Versions and Love Feature Detection)

Monetize and Promote Your Universal Windows App with Ads


Hosted Web Apps

Hosted Web Apps and Web Platform Innovations



Cross-Platform Localization with the Multilingual App Toolkit


Sensors and Printing

Building Rich, Contextually Aware Universal Windows Apps Using Sensors

Printing: Developing Apps That Print in Windows 10

Building Compelling Bluetooth Apps in Windows 10


App Services

App-to-App Communication: Building a Web of Apps