A New Set of Control Skins

One more set of control skins is up and ready for you to use. I had hoped to have two ready, but one set needed some additional tweaking work that I haven’t been able to finish while on vacation in Thailand, and I’m going to stop trying until I return to Seattle on 4/14.

This new set is very rough and organic in appearance, but it can still work on various sites or it can be used in early mockups of a site to give the mockups a rough and sketched appearance. I take this sort of approach to many of my early mockups; especially, if I don’t want reviewers to focus on design details.

Here’s a screen shot of the new set of controls.

Screen shot

You can also view a live version of the controls or download the Page.xaml, Page.xaml.cs/Page.xaml.vb, and App.xaml, so you can apply the style to your own site.

For those of you who are interested in designing your own control skins, there is a good walkthrough of how you might do this on LiquidBoy’s blog (at the start of this post there is a link to a walkthrough on creating a button control skin called “Skinning a button – 4 different ways and counting”), and you can download a Beta version of Blend to use for creating your skins on Silverlight.net (along with all of the other tools you might need).

Enjoy the new skin!