Silverlight 1.0 发布,同时宣布Linux支持

今天,Silverlight 1.0和Expression Encoder 1.0发布了。Silverlight 1.0 SDK也同时发布。

目前已经部署Silverlight 1.0的客户为:

  • (Major League Baseball)
  • Home Shopping Network
  • World Wrestling Entertainment
  • "Entertainment Tonight" show.


Linux上的Silverlight运行时由Novell实现,100%兼容并包括媒体功能。该版本可在所有发行版本上运行,支持FireFox, Konqueror和Opera。

Silverlight 1.1会包括跨平台版本的.NET Framework,and will enable a rich .NET development experience in the browser.  It will support a WPF programming model for UI - including support for an extensible control model, layout management, data-binding, control skinning, and a rich set of built-in controls.  It will also include a subset of the full .NET Framework base class library you use today, including support for collections, generics, IO, threading, globalization, networking (including sockets, web-services and REST support), HTML DOM, XML, local storage, and LINQ. You'll be able to use any .NET language to develop a Silverlight application (VB, C#, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Pascal, and more).  It is going to really open up a lot of new development opportunities.