So Long, and Thanks for All the Soft

Felix Wang I'm getting another year older by this week, time to rethink. As long as the weather and people in Beijing are good, there's always important stuff back in Shanghai. (Hint: maintenance of old people, old dogs, a really old girlfriend to issue an upgrade) I figured that it's a right time to explore new configurations of life and cycle the battery.

The last three years with Microsoft DPE have been great and I'm grateful. It had been one of the workplaces I wanted for years before I joined, and I didn't regret a bit ever since. I'd like to thank everyone I've been working with and my family for supporting me during these years.

For the next stage of my career, I'll take a break and reboot. I'm kind of a the-old-new-thing guy, or call me an old dog that can't learn a new trick who's still obsessed with what Sir Tim Berners-Lee started decades ago, so you'll probably be seeing me around.

I can always be reached via IM/email at cqwang at live dot com, cqwang at gmail dot com, (the later also works with QQ) twitter, facebook, or plain old phone 138-1680-3732, etc. Just ping me for resume or anything.

Again, thanks for all the past years and more to come.