ASP.NET 2.0 #10: Top Five Reasons to Adore ASP.NET 2.0

First, ASP.NET’s themes and master pages facilities make it possible for to build Web applications in which the appearance of the pages is thoroughly abstracted away from the operation of the pages in a way that was not possible before.


Second, the Web Site Administration Tool makes it possible to manage user data for your Web site that can be stored anywhere whatsoever, and spread across any number of data repositories.


Third, with ASP.NET object data binding and IdeaBlade’s object-relational mapping facility, it is at last possible to easily build Web applications in which your data is represented by the most-appropriate types, and moves seamlessly between the data stores at the back and the user interfaces at the front.


Fourth, with SQL Server Cache Dependency, achieving superior performance and enhanced scalability is dramatically simplified.


Finally, in working with the new version of ASP.NET, you will find that you are writing significantly less code, and, more importantly, that the code you do write has to do, not with solving generic, infrastructural problems, but rather with the logic of your application.