Getting SharePoint and Exchange Outlook Web Access to play nicely together

Back in November, I added a post about how to get SharePoint and a regular ASP.NET application to co-exist, something that got easier with Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0. 

But what if that other application is not a regular ASP.NET application of your own making, but Exchange 2007 Outlook Web Access? 

Certainly, it would be uncommon to have those two applications deployed together on the same box, but if you are evaluating, or testing applications built on top of, Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager "2," then the scenario may be one that presents itself.  Here on the Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager "2" development team, we commonly use what are called "all-in-one-boxes" for initial testing: domain servers with Exchange 2007 running locally, along with Windows SharePoint Services, and Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager "2" itself.  At least, I hope that this post might help someone scratching their heads about Internet Information Services 7 administration. 

 Anyhow, here is trick:

1.  Open the Internet Information Services manager. 

2.  Add an application called EWS to the SharePoint site.  Configure its basic settings so that they are identical to those of the EWS application that will have been installed under the default site by Exchange 2007. 

3.  Do the same with an application called owa: under the SharePoint site, duplicate the owa application that Exchange 2007 installed under the default site. 

4.  Choose the SharePoint site, and select Edit Bindings.  Add a binding for https that duplicates the default site's bindings for https.