Goldfrapp Rock!

Yes, when I was a teen in the '80s, I was guilty of creating a mix tape, and worse, of giving it to someone.  I learned from that experience that musical tastes are very personal, and that it is truly phenomenal that any artist is able to sell records to more than one person, yet less, in some cases, millions of people. 

 So I generally don't discuss music with folk.  I listen to my music, and they presumably listen to theirs.  (Although, actually, if they happen to pull up next to me at a traffic light on a sunny day, when I have the top down on the Mustang, then they will in fact be listening to my music, but that's another issue.) 

In this case, I have a selfish reason for expressing a musical preference.  It is for a band that is huge in the UK and Europe, but which has not quite broken through in the US yet--well, not until this week anyway, when their latest album went into the top 10 in its first week fo release.  If sufficient records get sold in the US, then they'll play live dates in the States, and I'll get to see them, which, from videos of their live performances, is evidently quite a fabulous experience. 

 Anyway, the duo in question is "Goldfrapp."  If you like Moby or perhaps Dido, then do try Goldfrapp.  I'd recommend starting with the Supernature album, their third, and then moving on to Seventh Tree, the new fourth album in their oevre.  If you buy track-by-track, then I'd recommend, "Fly Me Away," "Ride a White Horse," "Cologne Cerrone Houdini," "Number 1," and "Strict Machine."  That should get you hooked if they are at all your kind of thing.