Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager "2:" Sets, the easy way

In an earlier post, I explained the crucial concept of organizing things into sets, in Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager "2."  I wrote that sets are collections of things that match some criterion, expressed in an XPath expression.  Well, because Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager "2" is meant to be used by anyone in an organization, we naturally don't require folk to have a knowledge of XPath in order to define a set.  Consequently, we have provided a tool called the "Filter Builder," which provides a friendly user interface by which one can craft a filter, either to use in query, or to use in defining a set.  I wrote the Filter Builder, as a matter of fact, from an excellent specification by my most excellent colleague, Bobby Gill.  Come to think of it, I also wrote the initial specification of the XPath dialect that is generated by the Filter Builder, under the covers. 

Here is a screenshot of the Filter Builder:

Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager "2" Filter Builder