MIIS 2003 SP2 Early-Adopter Program Now Open!

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Early-Adopter Program for MIIS 2003 SP2 with the Management Agent for SAP now OPEN!!!

Valued Partners, Customers and MIIS Development Community,


I am writing to announce that MIIS 2003 SP 2 and the Management Agent for SAP are available now to MIIS 2003 SP2 Early-Adopter Program participants.


A list of what’s new in this release is provided below. 


Our Early-Adopter Program actually incorporates a Supported Technology Adopter Program (the “TAP”) and an Unsupported Beta Program.


It provides access to both MIIS 2003 SP2 and the new Management Agent for SAP. The Management Agent for SAP will require MIIS 2003 SP2.


Customers accepted into the TAP will enjoy free support through the migration to MIIS 2003 SP 2, as well as opportunity to provide feedback to improve the quality of the release. 


This provides a valuable opportunity to reduce your risk and deployment time through an upgrade that requires moving your MIIS production database onto SQL Server 2005, and your rule extensions to .NET 2.0.


An important requirement for participating in the TAP is a commitment to deploy MIIS 2003 SP2 into production by the end of January 2007.


Customers who are not participants in the TAP can still enjoy early access to the release, and will have structured opportunities for feedback.

Please read on for details on how to enroll in the program. 


For more information, please email miissp2b.


We look forward to working with you in the MIIS SP 2 Early-Adopter Program!



MIIS 2003 SP2 Overview

What’s new with MIIS 2003 Service Pack 2?


  • A New Platform


o Option for using SQL Server 2005 as the meta-directory data store

o Rule Extension development in Visual Studio 2005 for execution on .NET 2.0


  • New Management Agents for Integration with Microsoft Technologies


o Microsoft Active Directory and Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) on Windows Server 2003 R2

o Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Identity Integration Feature Pack

o SQL Server 2005


  • New Management Agents for Popular non-Microsoft Technologies


o SAP 4.7 and 5.0

o Oracle 10g

o Revised MA for Lotus Notes 7


  • New Features

o Microsoft Active Directory access over SSL

o Rule change preview


  • Quality and Performance Enhancements






The MIIS 2003 SP 2 Early-Adopter Program

Program Structure and Benefits and How to Enroll


  • The Early-Adopter Program incorporates both a Supported TAP and an Unsupported Beta Program


  • Benefits of Participating in the Beta Program


o Early access to MIIS 2003 SP 2 and the Management Agent for SAP


o Provide feedback to the Microsoft development team to improve the quality of the release


  • Additional Benefits of Participating in the Supported TAP


o Customers accepted into the TAP will enjoy support through the migration to MIIS 2003 SP 2


o The upgrade may entail moving the MIIS database onto SQL Server 2005 and will require moving rule extensions onto .NET 2.0, and our TAP provides a valuable opportunity to reduce risk and deployment time.


o We will coordinate with you to ensure that support is available when you deploy into production.


o Support will be made available via telephone and e-mail during your scheduled deployment into production, and provide fixes if necessary.


o We will also provide telephone and e-mail support for the migration from the pre-release versions to the final released version.



  • Procedures


o There is one nomination process for both the Supported TAP and the Unsupported Beta Program. 

o To enroll in the program, you will complete a nomination form on the Microsoft Connect site, as explained below.

o Instructions will be provided by mid-November for downloading the MIIS 2003 SP 2 installation package from the Microsoft Connect Site.

o Everyone who completes the nomination form will be given access to the release.  

o Based on information provided in the nomination form, we will invite a small number of customers to join the TAP.



  • TAP Requirements


o To participate in the TAP, you must have an existing production deployment of MIIS 2003 SP 1.

o You must commit to deploying MIIS 2003 SP 2 into production by January 2007.

o You are responsible for licenses for Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, SQL Server 2005, and Visual Studio 2005 and other technologies. 

o You must complete the nomination form, and complete the survey at the end of the program.



  • How to Enroll


o Visit the Microsoft Connect Site.

o Sign in using a valid Windows Live ID account.

o Select Available Connections.

o If you plan to use the Management Agent for SAP, locate the MIIS 2003 Management Agent for SAP Early-Adopter Program in the list and select the Apply link to the right.

o Customers not planning on using the SAP Management Agent should locate the MIIS 2003 SP2 Early-Adopter Program entry and select the Apply link to the right.

o Select I Agree on the Terms and Conditions page.

o Complete the Registration form.

o We will be in touch my mid-November with an update on the status of your nomination and instructions for downloading the software.







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