Two IE 9 Tips

Selecting a Particular Home Page in Internet Explorer 9:

I have 5 home pages that I add to Internet Explorer on every machine I use as a productivity workstation.  In version 8, I routinely go over to the drop-down arrow next to the home icon and select a particular home page.  That drop-down arrow is missing, by default, on Internet Explorer 9.  The home icon over on the right will load all of one's home pages, as it did before.  To get the "old" home icon, with the accompanying drop-down, one must choose to have the menu bar visible, which it isn't, by default. 

Using Acrobat Reader in Internet Explorer 9:

Yikes!  Where did the menu go, which I would use to get the resolution I want?  Turns out that if one hovers the mouse over the lower part of the page, towards the middle, controls appear that allow one to turn on the menu, as well as manipulate the view directly.