Device Selection Scripting Object, MSDN Wikis and WinHEC

The WLK docs team release two exciting items last week.  The first is the addition of Wiki functionality to the DTM documentation on MSDN.  Check it out, you can be a virtual member of the WLK docs team.

The second is the release of the Device Selection Scripting Object white paper.  This white paper docs all of the interfaces we use in the Device Manager and provides sample code which will enable you to create your own wrapper around DTM, even your own custom UI.  Combined with the WTTCL utility you can now wrap all of your logo testing in your own automation.

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Would you like to hear details on how one of our partners has used DSSO and WTTCL to wrap the DTM entirely in their own custom automation?  Come to WinHEC.  If you're still on the fence wrt attending WinHEC, check out the amount of WLK and logo content available.  This is the best WinHEC for logo testing ever.

DTM Specific

DVR-C387/ DVR-C473 : Driver Test Manager: How to use the DTM

CON-H421: Certification Tests for Portable Devices: Workshop

CLN-467: Audio Testing: DTM Best Practices

SVR-T329: Windows Server Logo Testing: Planning

SVR-C330: Windows Server Logo Testing: Implementation

CLN-T352: Audio Testing for Devices and Systems Using DTM

WNS-C444: Logo Program for Storage: Best Practices

DVR-C451: WDTF Based Logo Tests: An In-Depth Look

Logo Program

CLN-T375: Certified for Windows Vista: Customer Awareness

CLN-C376: Windows Vista Logo Program: Directions

CLN-T495: Windows Logo Program: Strategic Directions

CLN-C404: Windows Logo Program: Best Practices

Other Driver Testing

DVR-T388: Building USB Device Simulations with DSF

DVR-T389: Automating Device Testing: WDTF

DVR-T381: Static Analysis and Verification of Drivers

DVR-T382: Static Analysis Tools: PREfast for Drivers

DVR-T407: Driver Verifier: Advanced and Best Practices

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