Handy little switch of the day

It is common to install a test OS via ASI then discover that that build you just installed has a bad NIC driver or even no NIC driver for the NIC in your test system.  I've described earlier how you can install the NIC driver automatically via ASI.  That will be great for next time, but it doens't help you right now.  You may try to reboot back to the safe OS using the "asi -reboot" command.  That is a good idea, but if you do that now the ASI client will attempt to contact the server, you'll get an error saying something like, can't contact server, trying again in 10 seconds.  Here is where the switch of the day come in...-standalone.  Adding -standalone to the "asi -reboot" command will reboot your system without attempting to contact the server.  To reboot to the first partition, for example...

asi -reboot 0x1: -standalone

This is just another small advantage of something I've talked about in most all ASI presentations.  The client bits and the server bits are exactly the same.  The only difference between a server and a client is which bits are turned on or off.  The -standalone switch essentially tells the client to be its own server.  Cool, huh?