Happy 2006

Greetings, and welcome to 2006.  I've been on an unintentional posting vacation.  You may recall a while back I asked for your help in figuring out what parts of our setup need to change.  We've been working very hard recently to overhaul setup.  That, in combination with the holidays, just took too much of my attention away from the blog.  I hope to begin giving you previews of the work we've done soon.  Stay tuned.

To get us started off in 2006, I'm looking for people who use RIS in a testing environment.  If you've been reading this blog you're aware of the ASI setup CD.  You're also aware we will not be able to make it available publicly.  I've done a lot of investigation and I believe RIS with PXE boot may be a great alternative and even a superior solution in some cases.  I am aware of at least two customers that are using RIS to install the safe OS then using ASI for installing subsequent test Operating systems.  Since we don't have a lot of experience doing this it is difficult for me to determine the validity of this solution. 

Are you using RIS in your test environment?