How to write a non-fiction best seller: chapter 4 review

Chapter 4

This chapter mostly makes the case that blogs are a better way to get your message out than traditional media because you don't have a reporter in the middle to edit you ideas and get the facts wrong.  Also, they make the case that blogs are a great way to keep the traditional media in check.

I don't have much to say about this chapter.  It just reminds me of my first interaction with a reporter.  I was fortunate enough to have someone on my side who was media savvy.  What she basically taught me was, that reporters, just like the rest of us, are basically lazy.  If you give them something they can turn into a story with very little work, they'll basically be a mouthpiece for you.  I've found this to be true.  Perhaps though that is only the case because who I am and what I do is not interesting enough that any reporter actually seeks out a story from me.  If reporters decided for themselves I was the story the situation might be much different.