I might finally cancel my newspaper subscription

I had some extra time this weekend and was playing with my Start.com page.  I noticed the RSS feed from the Everett Herald was giving me only sports stories.  It appears they have only one feed and the sports are always updated last.  Anyway, that got me thinking, so I went to the Seattle Times site.  They have a whole list of feeds based on subject.  I added several to my home page, then did the same at the Wall Street Journal site.  Now I have a start page that shows me all the headlines I care about from all, well, most of the sources I care about all in one place.  No more clicking through a dozen different news sites to keep up with what's going on.  Finally I have a web page that is better than my daily paper!  Also, I'm not likely to be using news sites that don't offer multiple, and I mean a lot, of RSS feeds too much any more.  It's not malice, RSS just makes it sooo much better.