It's official Longhorn is now Windows Vista

Longhorn is now Windows Vista.  I'm told it's pronounced vee-sta, with a long a.  Apparently the name was announced yesterday at the Microsoft Global Briefing at the Georgia Dome.  The email to everyone this morning says, "the name of our product captures the core essence and value...all in two words."  That is interesting because I have no idea what "Windows Vista" is supposed to convey.  I looked up vista in my Encarta dictionary.  So I guess this is "Windows with a panoramic view" or "Windows with a view through a long narrow opening" or "a mental picture of Windows."  A view will really sell real-estate but I don't know what it says about Windows.


scenic view: a scenic or panoramic view


view through narrow opening: a view seen through a long narrow opening, for example, between rows of trees or buildings


mental picture: a mental picture covering a wide range of objects or a long succession of events in the past or future

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