LogoFest Content for Free

The Windows Logo Program team puts on LogoFest events at strategic times throughout the year.  These are highly valuable events on a number of levels.  For our hardware partners it's a great opportunity to be right on the Microsoft campus while you're doing the testing required to certify your device.  Should you run into a problem with a specific test it's highly likely you'll be talking fact-to-face with the person who wrote that test later the same day.  For me specifically it's a great usability lab.  The opportunity to see 30 of our partners doing the same thing at the same time just makes the pain points in the tools blatantly obvious.  Most of the improvements you'll see coming in the DTM over the next 12 months are a direct result of working with partners at these events.  It's also a fantastic opportunity to build business relationships that will pay dividends for years to come.

The team also brings in experts to present on different topics.  Now, for the first time to my knowledge, all of that content has been published free on WHDC.  Check it out.