Next kit release and a new blog

As you're aware we were planning to release a beta of our next kit, WLK 1.2 "Boston" last week. Obviously that didn't happen. There is quite a bit of overhead that goes along with releasing a public beta build. We took a close look at what had changed and made the determination that it wasn't worth the effort. The new tests are as follows...

· Audio: Fidelity test will now run on capture endpoints instead of just render endpoints.

· Video capture: Blink Audio and Video Capture and Control Test: new tests to validate USB video capture devices are compliant with USB video class specification per STREAM-0008 and STREAM-0053.


So, no beta drop. We will still do a drop at escrow entry, WLK 1.2 "Boston" RC. This will happen the week of March 17. We’ll post the RTM build the week of March 31.

Also, there is a new blog you may want to check out. Our doc team has started a blog. It seems to be WDK focused at this time but given that team also writes the WLK docs you may find it interesting and useful.