OK, OK, I Suck

I was puzzled by Jason's comment to the posting about the DTM screencasts...

"I am not sure how feasible or worthwhile this would be (compared with the time it would take to implement), but if the video could be broken up into named chapters so the user can skim through and pick the worthwhile sections out, it would be great."

The screencasts were supposed to be exactly that, 10 minute tutorials each on a specific task. 

Well, we had two parallel projects under way.  One was to produce and publish the videos that were taken at the hands-on training event we provided to our TAP partners back in November.  The other was the screencasts project.  People who are involved with the production behind each or not really aware of the other project.  When I got the pointer saying the "movies" were up I assumed those were the screencasts because that was the project I had been pushing to get completed.  I'm not really involved in the other.  Between airplane rides and hotels last week I got the link and wanted to make everyone aware of them ASAP but I didn't actually validate the content.  The pointers in this post are actually to videos from the TAP event.  Hopefully the screencasts will be forthcoming very shortly.  I'm sorry for the confusion.