Old school

One of my systems crashed during Vista setup today.  I booted into WinPE to get the log files off of it.  Unfortunately, because of the IPSec policies that have been deployed on our network recently I couldn't copy them off of the system onto a network share.  My USB thumb drive didn't work in PE so I was left looking for a floppy disk.  Due to cost cutting I have to go all the way to the first floor to find any office supplies.  That is an issue for another post.  It appears we don't stock floppies in the supply rooms any longer.  I asked the receptionist if she had a floppy disk.  She said, what kind of disk do you want?  I said, a floppy disk.  She said, I don't know what that is.  [:O]

I didn't realize how old school the floppy disk had become.