Wikipedia and the DTM

Tag makes some good points. 

This one is particularly compelling to me..."Your blog will change over time and has lot of irrelevant postings."   I would make the case that this blog is currently the best single place on the Internet to get information about the DTM, no matter how incomplete or out of date some posting may be.  However, I get the point.  The blog will likely change over time and may cease to be relevent.

"I feel that you could better spend your time by publishing information on Microsoft websites (or your blog) instead of editing Wikipedia."   This is probably true.  The Wikipedia was interesting to me for two reasons.  First, there is a lot of overhead related to posting "official" information on Microsoft's sites.  There is almost none with Wikipedia.  Second, and this is really more important, there is no way for the community to contribute to "official" information.  Tag recognizes this here... " contrast anybody of your blog readers will be able to post summaries to Wiki."

I consider this an experiment.  I've posted a short description of the DTM.  I want to see what happens to that entry in Wikipedia.