WLK 1.2 = Done

Sorry I wasn't able to tell you earlier, I didn't want to scoop the flash that just went out. Below is the official announcement sent via a WHQL news flash and will be sent via the WHQL news next week.

 WLK 1.2 Release Announcement

We are pleased to announce the release of Windows Logo Kit (WLK) 1.2. You can download WLK 1.2 from Microsoft Connect (www.connect.microsoft.com) now.

WLK 1.2:

· Synchronizes logo tests with the new logo requirements that take effect June 1, 2008, as part of the new Windows Logo Program (WLP) 2008.

· Includes the new Display Hybrid Graphics logo program and the new Server Virtualization Validation Program (SVVP).

· Further improves the quality of Driver Test Manager (DTM) and the quality of the logo tests.

Windows Quality Online Services (Winqual) will accept submission from WLK 1.2 beginning immediately—including the new Display Hybrid Graphics logo program. You must use WLK 1.2 for all submissions beginning June 9, 2008. In addition, Winqual will not accept any submission for the new SVVP program until June 1, 2008.

New Validation Programs

· Display Hybrid Graphics

· Server Virtualization Validation Program

New Tests to Validate New Windows Logo Program 2008 Requirements

· Audio: Fidelity Test will now run on capture endpoints in addition to render endpoints.

· Video Capture: Blink Audio and Video Capture and Control Test now includes new tests to validate that USB video capture devices comply with the USB video class specifications STREAM-0008 and STREAM-0053.

Note: The preceding new tests were not included as previews in WLK 1.1. Therefore, we will still accept any submission before August 1, 2008 that fails these tests.

In addition to these new tests this kit also contains the preview tests which were released in WLK 1.1. See the WLK 1.1 release announcement for details. The preview tests included in WLK 1.1 are now required in WLK 1.2.

New Features

· A new No-INF option is enabled for the Unclassified program. This will allow hardware partners to use the WLK for quality assurance purposes when validating Unclassified devices which use in-box drivers. For details and instructions on how to use this new No-INF option, see the WLK 1.2 release notes.

Support Information

· This release is fully supported by Microsoft Customer Support Services (CSS) and Windows Quality Online Services (Winqual) for logo submissions on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Vista SP1, and Windows Server 2008. Note that Windows Vista submissions require Windows Vista SP1 beginning June 9, 2008.

· Winqual will accept logo submission from WLK 1.2 beginning immediately. Winqual will require WLK 1.2 for all logo submissions beginning June 9, 2008.

· Winqual will accept SVVP submissions beginning June 1, 2008.