Community Content Web Starter Kit

I have uploaded a new tool to the Content Installer Power Toys web site – the Community Content Web starter kit. This starter kit will quickly create a web site designed to host VSI files. It has features for adding ratings and comments to a file, allows users to upload new content files, RSS feeds listing new files that have been uploaded, and many more features.


This is my first ever real web app, and I have never programmed databases before so I know the code could be better, you can send me any comments you may have and I will try to add them to the starter kit. When you run the web site, you will need to search the sources and fix a few TODO comments to fill in the URL of your web site. Also, you will need to fill in the data for a email server for responding to users when they forget their password.


One bug was found in the content installer that makes downloading content not work correctly. This will be fixed in the final version of VS, but you can fix it yourself. On the web site below is a zip file named Mime type registration fix that contains a .reg file to fix this.


The download site for this starter kit is at