TechEd Day 4 & 5

Thursday I did my interview with MSDN TV. I am not sure when it will be posted, but I will let you know. I also wandered around the showroom floor, talking with the exhibitors in the expo hall. While I was walking past one booth (I believe it was for Fax hardware cards), they asked if I wanted a demo. Realizing that my badge said I was from Microsoft (and I would probably not be buying), we started talking about the show. He said that this show was the best that they have had since 9/11, and everything was looking up. Later that night, Doug, Ken, his wife and little boy, and myself attended the party at Sea World. It was fun watching Awesumb (Ken’s 2 ½ year old boy) try to take everything in at the Shamu exhibit.


Friday was travel day to get back to Seattle. I really hate flying, but the ride was relatively smooth. While I was waiting to leave the airport I installed the copy of VS that we were handing out. Trying to create an Add-in yielded a few error messages which can be worked around. These are bugs in how we set up VS. I will be making a post on how to fix this later today.