Another naming "RFC"

James Manning is the developer working on the View command - a way to (guess what) view a specified version of a file in the repository. You can view it with the registered viewer for that extension, view it as standard output, or even write it to a file. I'll be testing said view command. We're both wondering what one of the options should be named, since no obvious name presented itself. I'm all in favor of embracing existing schemes/naming conventions when they make sense (or when doing otherwise would be just wrong).


Check out his post and submit a suggestion, if you have one. We're also interested in what people think they'd usually prefer when viewing a versioned item - the registered viewer, or standard out (from the command line interface, mind you)? I imagine a typical code warrior would be more likely to prefer standard out, while a texture artist or modeler or sound engineer would have little use for standard out for his .png or .wav file, but my imagination isn't necessarily the best source of a feature spec!  :)