Silence - "No news is good news" or "Ominous"?

I haven't been posting much lately. The reasons are very much "no news is good news", though, not an ominous silence.

The AdminOps team is "heads-down", so we can get some key improvements for TFS done and polished in the timeframe we've set for ourselves. Adam (referred to in the office variously as "Adam2" and "Fists of Fury", for reasons that shall remain a mystery to the public) is testing improvements to the way we sync user/group information. I'm testing enhancements and additions to the TFS setup experience.

The other good news is that we recently got some reinforcements, so the AdminOps QA team is no longer an 'Army of Two' - now we're more like the Four Horsemen. Hmm, that's back to ominous. Perhaps the Fantastic Four? Bug Clobberin' Time is coming up Real Soon Now...


That's the name of the game