Tell us about your Team Foundation Server

I'm working on some test planning for the next release of Team Foundation Server. One area I'm focused on is testing various possible configurations of TFS. Here are a few of the configurations we regularly test:

  • All on one box - App Tier, Data Tier, SharePoint all on one machine
  • Typical 2-box - AT and WSS on one box, and the DT on another box
  • "Explosion" - AT, SQL RS, SQL AS, DT, WSS all on separate machines (you can take this even farther by moving databases to separate SQL machines/instances)

There are about two dozen variables that define a configuration, and there are nearly a hundred possible values spread across those variables. Since testing each of the thousands of combinations is impractical, we identify a subset of configurations using customer data, bug trends, code coverage, and other analysis, and test those (our configuration Matrix for Orcas ranged from 25-31 different configurations).

I'd like to collect more of that 'customer data' I just mentioned. By telling us what your actual TFS configuration looks like, we can make sure that the configurations we test map to ones actually deployed 'in the wild'.

To that end, I've created a short survey you can fill out to describe your TFS deployment. It's short (10 questions), you shouldn't need to provide any sensitive data, and it will help ensure that your current and future deployment strategy is one we understand and support. If you own or manage multiple TFS deployments, feel free to fill out the survey once for each.

The tenth question is free-form, so you can choose to provide more specific information if you like. Anything you send will be protected by Microsoft's Privacy Policy.

So please, take 5 minutes and tell us about your TFS.