Legacy Feature check and Custom Code Validation Tool Demos for Upgrade to CRM 2013

Are my customizations compatible with upcoming release of Dynamics CRM?

This is one of the common question we support teams anticipate from many of CRM Online and On-Premise customers. We all know Fall’13 update is around the corner and may of the CRM Online customers have received email notification on upgrade schedule as part of customer drive upgrade program. Here is the article that lists changes in this upcoming release those may affect your organization post upgrade. With CRM 2013 there are tools provided to evaluate customizations to find items that won’t/may not work post upgrade to CRM 2013. These are available for consumption in two variants:

  • Custom Code Validation Tool
  • Legacy Feature Check Tool

Here is a short walk through on what and how to use these tools.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Custom Code Validation Tool is designed to scan client side scripts (onLoad, onChange, onSave events) to detect code pieces using unsupported methods. The tool is basically a solution that can be imported in a CRM 2011 organization and is available for download. CRM 2013 Custom Code Validation Tool is built on top of similar tool provided earlier for CRM 2011. This a document describing 2011 version of tool. Here we have a short screen recording demonstration on how to use this tool:

Once the codpieces/scripts are identified using CRM 2013 Custom Code Validation Tool, next steps would be to change those scripts to use methods supported in CRM 2013 or Fall’13 update. Below are links to additional resource which details on how to fix the code:

Legacy Feature Check Tool is designed for CRM On-premise customers to scan a CRM 2011 organization for unsupported customization on server side. Below are the customization those are not supported for CRM 2013.

  • The 2007 service endpoint - Extensions that use the 2007 endpoint will not be supported and may not work in CRM 2013.
  • ISV folder support for custom web applications
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 plug-ins
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 custom workflow activities

Legacy Feature Check Tool is safe to run on production deployments. However, it is recommended that you run the tool during non-business hours to avoid any unexpected behaviours. Legacy Feature Check Tool not only scans through CRM deployment/organizations but is also capable of scanning through IIS logs of CRM website to report external calls to 2007 service end points. However, it requires that IIS log format is set to “W3C” and the field “URI Stem (cs-uri-stem)” is selected.

Here we have a short screen recording demonstration on how to use this tool:

Legacy Feature Check Tool is available here and this is the link to document that provides more details on customizations those are unsupported for CRM 2013.

Dynamics CRM India Support Team

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Bhavesh Shastri
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