Useful links for CRM 2011

This blog contains the useful links to CRM which can be ideally helpful in configuring/maintaining CRM application and its related components.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Configuring Claims-based Authentication white paper
We have complete end-to-end guide to configure the IFD/Claims based authentication for CRM 2011. It also explains the in depth concepts about claims authentication mechanism, authentication models etc. You can access using this TechNet article provided.
Create Custom Reports Using Business Intelligence Development Studio
Business Intelligence Development Studio is the primary tool that is used to create or modify reports. Business Intelligence Development Studio is a report authoring environment in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 that lets you create Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services reports. The end result is an .rdl file containing the report definition that you can publish in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to view reports. You can download the same from here
Deployment and Operational Guidance for Hosting Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Service Provider Planning and Deployment Guide Office Word document is now available on the Microsoft Download Center. This document is intended for service provider IT personnel, system integrators, and technical consultants who may assist in the planning and deployment of hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.
Configuring IFD with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Implementation Guide
This guide contains comprehensive information about how to plan, install, and maintain Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. To click the most recent version, see the TechNet link below
AD FS 2.0 Content Map
A Guide to Claims–based Identity and Access Control
Walkthrough: Build a Web Application That Connects to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Using Developer Extensions
This walkthrough demonstrates how to write a simple Web application that connects to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and performs a basic create contact transaction. You can find the sample code that this walkthrough produces in the Sdk\Walkthroughs\Portal\WebAppWalkthrough folder.
ADFS troubleshooting
Configuring service principal names (SPNs)
Introduction to Solutions
Solutions are how customizers and developers author, package, and maintain units of software that extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Customizers and developers distribute solutions so that organizations can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to install and uninstall the business functionality defined by the solution.
Outlook client install using a config file
Configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online E-mail Router with Exchange Online

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