What happens when a CRM server is disabled or enabled from CRM Deployment Manager? (CRM 2011 Vs. CRM 4.0)

In CRM 4.0

CRM Website is stopped and CRM Async service is stopped (startup type remains unchanged) and enabling a disabled server starts the CRM website and CRM Async service. When in disabled state if web site and CRM Async starts up as part of reboot or manual intervention, given CRM server will be reported enabled in Deployment Manager. Either CRM website or CRM Async service faces any issues and gets into a stalled or not running state, given CRM server would be reported disabled in Deployment Manager. In other words, CRM server status reported in Deployment Manager is checked, reported on the fly when administrator navigates to Servers or click Refresh being on Servers node.

In CRM 2011

Disabling the server manually from Deployment Manager shows below warning message clearly stating what services are being affected in the background:

CRM Website is stopped
Following service are stopped and disabled:
CRM Unzip service,
CRM Async service,
CRM Async service (maintenance),
CRM Sandbox processing service.

Server State flag in server table in MSCRM_CONFIG dB is changed to disabled ‘0’.
Enabling a CRM server does exact reverse action. However, changing the CRM website or CRM services status doesn’t change the status of CRM server. i.e. – if CRM website and CRM services are started manually when server is in disabled state, server remains in disabled state by the virtue of status flag in SQL database.

Bhavesh Shastri
Support Escalation Engineer