Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector Update with third party integration capability




There is a lot of excitement building around cross-selling Dynamics ERP and CRM via the CRM Connector. Here are some updates.

New CRM Connector Release:

The new version of the Connector GA’d in December. A number of new features were added, many of which were requested by customers:

· Source level filtering (ability to limit the integrated records retrieved from the source based on user defined criteria)

· Dynamics CRM 2011 adapter – support for Internet Facing Deployment / Claims-based Authorization / SSL / Office 365 CRM

· Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 adapter (supports Contacts and Customers)

· Splitting of documentation into install, deployment and ERP specific customization information

· Changing the EULA to allow for integrations to and from a single Microsoft Dynamics product (previous versions required that two Microsoft Dynamics products were being integrated using Connector for Microsoft Dynamics)

· Version number: 2.0.422.2

In case you missed the fifth bullet point… our customers can now use the Connector for third-party integration! This question came up continuously.

clip_image007Here’s a quote from Chris Hetzler, Senior Program Manager for the Connector:

“The latest version Connector for Microsoft Dynamics enables several new business processes by giving users the ability to limit the records that are available in either system, based on their needs.  It also enables processes that require Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployments other than Online or On-premises, such as Internet Facing Deployments or Office 365 organizations.  This release also adds to its out of the box capabilities by providing an adapter and map templates for Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 SP1. Finally, ISVs are now fully empowered to use the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics SDK to develop their own adapters for their own systems which can then leverage Connector’s framework to integrate to the Dynamics family of products.”