Some updates about our 24-Hours of Windows Mobile Application Development Series

I wanted to thank everybody who attended Mike Francis’ Webcast on Top Developer Tips for Windows Mobile. For the ones who couldn’t watch the live webcast, make sure to view the on-demand version, which is available at:

Also, make sure to visit Mike’s blog at

I also have some updates for last week’s Webcast on Windows Mobile Device Security.

Maarten Struys has posted the source code for the Windows Mobile Device Security webcast on Code Gallery. You can download it from the following location:

Also, I wanted to add a quick clarification about Mobile2Market:

Microsoft does not review the code associated with an application. The Mobile2Market program only reviews the Request Form associated with each request for privileged mode code signing. We also review waiver requests associated with application certification.

For more information, visit the Mobile2Market section on MSDN.

And last, but not least, make sure to visit us for next week’s Webcast, which is part 16 of our 24-Hours of Windows Mobile Application Development series. On January 21, at 10 AM PST, Maarten Struys and my colleague Jim Causey will talk about Memory Management for Windows Mobile.

To register for this Webcast, click on this URL: