Thanks for attending Jim Wilson's Webcast today!

I wanted to give a big Thanks to everybody who attended Jim Wilson's Webcast, part two of our 5-part Webcast series, today. I'm sure some of you are already up and writing your cool Mobile application and applying what you learned today.

The downloadable version of the Webcast will be available by tomorrow. You can obtain it by going to the following URL: .

Somebody asked for the links to the upcoming Webcasts during Jim's Q&A Session today. Here are the links for Sessions 3 and 4:

Session 3:

MSDN Webcast: Using Device Capabilities and Device Functionality (Level 300)

Session 4:

MSDN Webcast: Mobile Data Strategies and Synchronization Using SQL Server Compact, XML, and LINQ (Level 200)

You can also get to the Registration URLs by visiting Jim's Weblog at:

Next Tuesday, Maarten Struys and myself will be presenting again. We will show you how to access Pocket Outlook from your managed application and how to add Location awareness to you app. We look forward to having you join us!