Thanks for attending today's Webcast - there are more to come!

I wanted to say a big Thanks to everybody in the community to attend our Webcast today. We hope you guys enjoyed it and are ready to learn more about Windows Mobile Application Development.

Here is the link to Darren Shafer's paper that I was talking about in my Webcast:Implementing Transparency, Gradients, and 3-D Glass Effects on .NET Compact Framework Controls.

 Also, please make sure to visit Maarten Struys' blog to obtain the source code for today's Webcast.

So now you should be ready to code and start having fun!  

Part 2 of our series is coming up soon. Next week, Jim Wilson will show you how to develop your first real Windows Mobile 6 application by using the .NET Compact Framework. The Webcast will start at 10:00 AM PST next Wednesday, May 21st, so don't miss it! You can register for it by going to this link: MSDN Webcast: Developing Your First Real Windows Mobile 6 Application.

And in case you did miss our Webcast today, you will be able to download it from here within the next 24 hours!