Track your Travels on your Windows Mobile Phone with OnTheRoad

A friend of mine alerted me to this cool new application last week, so I decided to try it out and blog about it.

If you are an avid traveler and have a Windows Mobile Professional phone, such as an HTC Fuze, we have good news for you. OnTheRoad Inc. has just released a Beta version of their Travel Blog Service for Windows Mobile Professional devices. is an online service for sharing travel experiences and staying in touch with your friends and families while on the road.

The Windows Mobile Client (Beta) let’s you do the following (depending on the device):

  • Publish articles while on the road, including photos and GPS coordinates.
  • Manage comments from the readers of your journal.
  • Manage your journal, which is posted on the site.

Note that the client application requires that you install the .NET CF 3.5 on your Windows Mobile device.

OnTheRoad combines many useful features that you can use for sharing your travel experiences – Email, SMS or IM publishing, your friends can subscribe to your travel updates, you can design your trip on a map, and many more. One of the really cool features is the ability to record the weather conditions of a place that you have visited.

Also, if you visit the OnTheRoad homepage, you can see who is currently on the road in a cool Microsoft Silverlight application.

How does a travel blog look like? Check out Bethany’s Trip To Rome to get an idea.

I definitely plan to use this application for one of my upcoming trips. Stay tuned!

Here are some screenshots of the client application;