Lync Mobile LP client and LP Server software released

LP is a Lync mobile client for Windows Phone 7 incl. server software, build by Michael and Mikkel


Client will not run on it’s own, you need the server application running


I specially like that “Call via work” and control of call forward settings is working ,and Push notification is working even if your not in the application, this is good if you have tagged a contact person. Also pretty cool is the calendar information you can get on your company contact’s (see video: Contact card with calendar information.)  

  • You can control you Call forward settings
  • Search the company GAL and show contact card and do Call via work from that.
  • It’s possibly to do Call via work to contact that are stored on the phone only.
  • Call history is also stored for call back/recall
  • Pictures on contacts

My name is messiest on the website and WP7 client, but all credit should go to Michael  and Mikkel, that has done a fantastic job by building this WP7 client and the Server software, in their “off work/spare time”.

Videos of some functions:

  1. Setup and stuff.
  2. Contact card with calendar information.
  3. Search for company contact.
  4. Tagging with call via work.
  5. Call via work via contact menu.
  6. Call via contact card.
  7. Call via history.
  8. Call forwarding settings

Then Windows Phone 7 Client you can download on the phone, just search for LP on market.

Read the FAQ here

Follow developer Michael blog here and Mikkel blog here

Server bits and quick install guide you can get here on, here you also sign the agreement “MICROSOFT Extensibility Code Sharing License
Plans are that the server source code will be availably soon, right now it’s the build application incl. quick deployment guide.

Please remember this is not and official Microsoft product and there is no support from Microsoft on this product.

But this is one great application that show Microsoft has a very open API for developers to build on top of, and no other UC platform has this wide suite of API’s. you also see this by the fast grooving list of 3 part. product for OCS and Lync in the market! 

Microsoft will release it’s own WP7 Lync client later this year!