ColorPicker.NET update

Thanks to everyone who provided comments on the binaries that I released the other day. I spent a good portion of this evening cleaning up some problems that FXCop uncovered and got started on adding the features that some of you suggested. I should have another set of binaries ready to go by the end of this weekend along with a prototype of the desktop color sampling functionality that I've also been working on.

The following is a short list of the things that I hope to have done this weekend:

  1. Enable the HEX textbox so users can enter HEX values and obtain its RGB/HSB equivalents.
  2. Fix the glitch that Andrei mentioned.
  3. Change default application values so that the Hue field is the default field on startup.
  4. Serialize the application state to disk when the application is closed.
  5. Write the colors that are added to the color swatch panel to an XML file.
  6. Minimize to system tray.
  7. Fix some other random bugs that I've seen.
  8. Work on an icon!
  9. Finish cleaning up the code so I can release it.

If anyone has any ideas for a good name for this application, feel free to let me know. I think this deserves a much cooler name than ColorPicker.NET.