Parallel Programming - Using OpenMP

Parallel Programming - Using OpenMP

OpenMP is a parallel programming model for shared memory parallel computers.

It's based on Fork-Join parallel execution pattern and is suitable for Data Parallel and Task Parallel applications.

Fork-Join Pattern
- OpenMP programs begin as a single thread - the Master thread, which executes sequentially until the first parallel region construct is encountered.
- Fork: the master thread then creates a team of concurrent threads, which will execute some user provided codes.
- Join:
when the team threads complete, they are synchronized to wait each
other(barrier) and then terminate, leaving only the master thread ahead

Fork/Join Pattern in OpenMP (from[1])

Work Sharing Constructs
core functionality of OpenMP is to parallelly process data or execution
tasks, I.E, sharing work load. It provides several constructs to
support it:
- For, OpenMP will automatically divide these (independent) loop iterations and assign them to one of the team thread to execute.
- Section, programmer can define static code sections, each one will be (parallelly) assigned to one of the team thread to execute.
- Task, data and code can be (dynamically) packed as a task and the delivered to team thread to execute them.

OpenMP is designed for Fortran and C/C++. Its functionalities often exist in the following form:
- New Construct as Language Directive
- APIs as runtime library
- Environment Variables

Currently, visual studio 2008 supports OpenMP 2.5, OpenMP@MSDN

use OpenMP in VS2008 c++ developing, you only need to include omp.h
header and enable compiler flag /openmp (project property -> c/c++
-> language -> OpenMP Support)

More detailed tutorial can be found at [4][5].

I had written some OpenMP sample applications, it's compiled with vs2008 (except the task example).


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